Japan insect food sales create a high record

South China Morning reports, Japanese shopping malls have installed vending machines to sale insect snacks
Snacks including 10  different insects packages: like crickets, beetles, dragon lice, rhinoceros beetles and pupae. People who are sweet tooth can enjoy insects flaovor chocolate . The success of this business is out of the owner’s expection.
As the report, normal protein sweets cost 700 yen, and the same protein-rich cricket sweets cost 1,300 yen.
A Japanese businessman named toshiyuki yuda installed a vending machine in front of his balloon shop in November. at the beginning he wondered to find outhow popular to eat insects, he was surprised to his shop sell more than 500 bags in the first month.
Crickets taste like shellfish, it is recommended to combine with  mayonnaise and red pepper. Water beetles are clearly for people who have courgae to try new staff.