Sales of Honda and Toyota motor in China rose in January

The new car sales data of the four major Japanese automakers in China were all released on 11th in January ,2019. The sales of Toyota and Honda were higher than the same period of the previous year, while Nissan and Mazda dropped .

Sales of Toyota , the top seller ,increased 15.3% and147,100 motors were sold. The sales of Camry, the main sedan, and Lexus , the premium car brand , were up .

Honda’s sales rose 8.2% up to 136,483 units hitting a single-month record in January . The main models like Accord Sedan ,SUV , CR-V were sold well .

Nissan’s sales decreased 0.8% and 133,934 motors were sold . Sales of Mazda dropped dramatically by 32.7% and only 22,844 units were sold .

China’s new car market is affected by the economic slowdown and the depressed trend is still strengthening , but the Japanese cars have maintained a comparatively strong momentum .