On Hurun Global rich list, Jack ma became the richest Chinese around the world

the hurun global rich list released 8 years the richest list,Jack ma, founder of alibaba, became the richest Chinese man in the world with 260 billion yuan which been public on February 26.

According to the hurun global rich list in 2019, there are 2,470 billionaires in the world, 224 reeduced than last year. Total wealth fell by $1 trillion. The Amazon Jeff bezos who is 55 years old, his wealth increased 215 billion RMB, so he is keep his title as the world’s richest man with a total worth of 990 billion yuan.

China ranks first in the world with 658 billionaires, which is 74 more than the United States. Jack ma became the world’s richest Chinese with 260 billion yuan, rising four places to 22nd. Ma huateng and Xu Jiayin followed him. Beijing is the “world’s billionaire capital” f for the fourth year in a row, which is 11 more than New York.

Based on the report, a total of 2,470 billionaires from 67 countries and 1,931 companies are listed on the 2019 shimao xishan longyin hurun global rich list. The list’s wealth is calculated until January 31, 2019.