Huawei sued the U.S. defense authorization act as unconstitutional

Huawei Technologies Co. filed a lawsuit to President Donald Trump aggainst a law signed in last August that limits federal agencies carry business with Huawei. This is the telecommunications giant’s latest salvo against the United States.

The lawsuit raises questions about whether parts of the National Defense Authorization Act are constitutional. The defense authorization act is an annual bill that prohibits federal agencies from buying equipment that USES parts made by huawei and zte.

Huawei suited in U.S. district court for the eastern district of Texas on Wednesday, arguing that the company was targeted by an unconstitutional “bill of attainder.” A bill of attainder is a law passed to convict a person or entity of a crime. Huawei set a headquarters in plano, Texas.

In Huawei’s complaint, its argued that the act violates the company’s right to due process and the separation of powers between congress and other government agencies.

This is the latest legal blowback measures by huawei. The United States officials believe that huawei is a security threat and trying to luanch a wide-ranging campaign against the company, they hope it will block Huaweei’s involvement in 5G network development.